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SSD Hosting and Servers with Solid State Drive storage Looking for SSD Hosting? Try First2Host As early as the 50s, IBM released the world’s 1st mechanical (HDD) hard disk drive with rotating magnetic discs. Since then, the basic rules of magnetic storage disks have changed very short. What has changed are the demands now placed upon the mechanical parts of this technology. Instead of real space o...[Read More]


SSD Web Hosting From First2Host First2Host offer SSD Web Hosting. SSD Web Hosting is based on SSD hard drives. These typically read data on the disk at 6 GBPS which means you get a huge performance boost over a standard SATA based web hosting account which typically reads data from a standard 7200RPM hard drive. Like what’s usually found on a desktop PC. First2Host offer four plans for their...[Read More]

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