HostGator offline again, thousands report problems


HostGator offline again, thousands report problems

Sporadic reports from HostGator claim some services are offline for part of the network. Downdetector is also reporting problems with Hostgator and so are customers on their comments feed.

It appears the world’s biggest web host is having problems again just a month after the last reported outage kept some customers offline for 9 days.

Some customers are venting their anger on Facebook;

“10 hours ago we started having problems editing one of our sites. 2 hours later ALL our Hostgator sites were down. Completely offline. Hostgator support said they would restore from a backup (but not the backup service to which we subscribe) but 8 hours later all sites still down and support saying they are “working on it” and we can expect to be back online within 12 hours… or so. Our sites are all simple brochureware WordPress sites – no code, no databases, no apps. Anyone else with the same issue?”

And another user posted

“My site is down, can’t access webmail, can’t contact live chat…”

Hostgator live chat regularly gets hammered when there are network problems. The volume of customers trying to find out what happens overloads the system and you sit in a queue for up to 10 hours waiting for a response. If we get any further information on the latest outage at Hostgator, we will post an update.

Are you affected by the current HostGator Outage? Let us know the details in the comments!

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