First2Host Review

By Web-Hosting-DIR on November 12, 2016

Our most popular web host offering the fastest website loading speeds of all of our web hosts. The value plan has the feature the other hosts charge extra for. Fast support and easy signup and migrations in make these a must.

SSD Web Hosting From First2Host

First2Host offer SSD Web Hosting. SSD Web Hosting is based on SSD hard drives. These typically read data on the disk at 6 GBPS which means you get a huge performance boost over a standard SATA based web hosting account which typically reads data from a standard 7200RPM hard drive. Like what’s usually found on a desktop PC.

First2Host offer four plans for their SSD Web Hosting ranging from £2.95 right up to £14.95. Each plan has different options. On the basic SSD Web Hosting plan you get 10GB of space and can host one domain name which is more than enough for your average website. But if you would like to host multiple websites on the same account and manage all of your websites in the same place this is possible on the other three web hosting plans First2Host offer.

Integrated with the control panel is CloudFlare. CloudFlare can help you protect your website from attacks as well as providing a CDN at extra cost if required. SSL certificates are included in all plans for any domain name you host so if you purchase plan four you can host ten websites from the same account and have 10 SSL Certificates.

First2Host support is rated as good. Comments from our community and the numerous reviews from other sites all say First2Host offer a fantastic support team with response times of under 15 minutes to tickets and a few seconds on live chat.

The standard control panel they use is cPanel so if you are with another provider that uses cPanel they will move all of your sites into your new account with them in under 24 hours with no downtime for your website visitors. First2Host also take weekly backups of your website and store them in an offsite location. If you need to restore your website they can do this for you with ease.

When we purchased the basic plan we found the control panel was nicely laid out, had lots of features like CloudFlare, Automatic Installs of applications, Backups and SSL Management. First2Host offer a demo site for users to see how the service is and how the control panel works. You can visit the demo account by clicking the link below.

First2Host Demo SSD Web Hosting

Overall SSD Web Hosting with First2Host is good value for money, provides great support and has an excellent uptime record as well as a super fast page loading speed for your website. At £2.49 for a basic package, it’s our number one recommendation to our community. If you are hosting your website with another provider at the moment and would like to move your website into First2Host they will guarantee to move your site with no downtime in under 24 hours.


  • SSD storage means fast loading speeds
  • Fast support which is engaging
  • Value for money but no compromise on features
  • Move your site in, in under 24 hours


  • Does not offer phone support


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