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By Web-Hosting-DIR on July 21, 2014

FatCow Review

FatCow has been around for two dot-com crashes & a recession and is still selling web-hosting space although we have no idea how or why. For more than ten years, FatCow has been offering one of the premiere one size fits complete hosting package on the world-wide-web. FatCow is also 100 percent wind-powered web hosting, meaning your site has zero impact on the environment. In our FatCat Review, we found the web hosting service to be slow and technical support was none existent. FatCow which is part of the Endurance group is undoubtedly the worse performing web host on webhostingdir.co.uk

FatCow Review Features:

  • Low Price of 15$/Month
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and hosted domains
  • limitless Storage Space
  • A Free Domain on Sign-up
  • FREE Setup
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

FatCow Web-Hosting Affordability:

FatCow is clearly the most reasonable option and this is possibly why the service is so bad. Clocking in at a very cheap 3.15 $/month,  that is a rate even the barest of funds is sure to be able to afford. So, even, if your firm is on tight funds, in the beginning, FatCow provides an affordable choice if you won’t need support.

FatCow Web-Hosting Features, Tools, & Software:

In term of features, FatCow web hosting is stacked to the max. Whether you are website requires PHP. Perl, Python, or even Ruby, FatCow has the tools you require to launch your website. While it would be good to see a little support for PostgreSQL database, virtually all other features a person could probably want is readily available in the FatCow web hosting plan.

FatCow Web-Hosting Performance & Reliability:

Performance wise, FatCow web hosting is one of the worst websites listed in our index. Our test site was slow and the control panel didn’t work as expected. FatCow claims a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee which we think you will need if you purchase plans from them. We get frequent reports of sites being offline and email not functioning. FatCow offers daily server backups & has a diesel powered producer system to ensure your site is online in the event of energy failure.

FatCow Web-Hosting Customer Support:

In terms of support, the “moo crew” is absolutely terrible. Support staff are none existent and if you are lucky enough to get a reply from them it’s likely not going to be very useful. FatCow provides 24/7 phone, online chat and email. They provide an online community forum which, ridiculously as it sounds will be more helpful to you than any staff member you will come across.

FatCow Web-Hosting Ease of Use:

By applying the industry standard cPanel, FatCow makes it extremely simple for people already familiar with hosting to shift their existing website to FatCow. If you are a new website, FatCow offers dozens of one-click install apps such as WordPress, phpBB and Gallery 2 that can get you up and be running with a website in seconds.

FatCow Web-Hosting Overall Value for Your Money:

Overall, FatCow web hosting is a cheap web-hosting provider and this shows in their support. FatCow web hosting is a one size fits all web host that you’d have a tough time matching the price on the web. Whilst the service is cheap, remember the old saying “you get what you pay for” in our view, avoid it like the plague.

FatCow Web-Hosting Supports the Following:

GeekLog, bbPress, Joomla, Django, Coppermine, Xaraya, Drupal, TextPattern, eMeeting, ExpressionEngine, Gallery 2, vBulletin, MediaWiki, PHP Nuke, Moodle, Nucleus, osCommerce, phpBB, Pligg, Plone, Radiant, Ruby on Rails, Simple Machines, SocialEngine, Typo, Vanilla, MoinMoin Wiki, WordPress, XMB, b2evolution Dolphin 6, ZenCart.


  • Competitively Priced
  • Wind Powered
  • Lots of features


  • Slow, unhelpful support
  • Frequent downtime
  • Slow loading speeds


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