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What is Bluehost web hosting? And why would you need it? What is Bluehost and why do I need it? That is a reasonable question. Bluehost web hosting is a required part of your WordPress blog set up plan. You need this kind of service to host your blog. What this means is, when you’ve registered your blog, business blog domain, you require somewhere to host it. This is what creates it live, so every...[Read More]


Endurance International Group, a publicly traded company that owns several hosting companies, on January 19 told employees it will close its office in Orem, Utah, resulting in layoffs of employees in accounting, customer support, human resources, and training. The Orem office is home to Bluehost, which hosts more than 2 million websites. Endurance employs more than 3,800 people, including more tha...[Read More]

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