What is BlueHost web hosting? And why would you need it?


What is Bluehost web hosting? And why would you need it?

What is Bluehost and why do I need it? That is a reasonable question. Bluehost web hosting is a required part of your WordPress blog set up plan. You need this kind of service to host your blog. What this means is, when you’ve registered your blog, business blog domain, you require somewhere to host it. This is what creates it live, so everybody can view it.

Why do I suggest Bluehost? Well, for some truly good reasons.

1-cost, rates start at 3.95$/month

2- Simple set up

Setting-up your Blue web hosting account:

Go to the Bluehost web hosting home page, & click “get started now”. You’ll be desired to a page with three choices for setting up your hosting. Review what you believe would be suitable to your requirements, & then click the “select” button.

There are three options for hosting plans

  • Basic- 1 website, one included domain, and 3.95$/month
  • Plus- 1 website, one included domain, and 6.95$/month
  • Pro-limitless websites, one included domain and 14.95/month

After clicking the choice you would prefer, you’ll be prompted to choose either a free domain option if you already have a domain, you’ll be promoted to include it.

In our example, www.example.com was already registered, but we were informed of alternate site address options, I opt register www.example.us (well, we did not actually register it, but we went via the set-up phase for the intention of this article). The last step after you’ve chosen your domain, is to sign-up and receive your site or blog hosted. This is the page where you’d do this.

And my final reason for Bluehost web hosting (that I believe is key)

Customer service- after I setup my hosting for my blog, I contacted Bluehost three times over the subsequent month. Primarily to make sure everything was set-up rightly & if I required doing anything to make my blog more effective that is certainly an option, but through their online chat service. Every time it took approximately two minutes to link to a client service rep. every time, they were expert & answered my questions thoroughly. At the end of the chat, there was a rapid survey asking how you rank the service & if you suggest their service to others. I think this is remarkable. This brings Bluehost to stay op peak of what is being asked of them, and it permits them to work on areas for betterment.

I’ve been with Bluehost for two years, and I’ve had zero problems with my hosting service. My website is live 27/7, opens quickly & operates smoothly.

Final point:

1 last point, and I believe it is pretty vital, is that Bluehost routinely backups your blog. There’s no need for you to set-up further services like Dropbox or other WordPress plug-ins to do backups. You can have peace of mind that if things went sideways for whatever reason on your blog, there’s a backup of your website on Bluehost. With few keyboard clicks, you’ll have your website restored & ready to roll. To me, that is extremely vital. You’ll have put much effort into setting up your blog, with functions & plugins that are sole and beneficial to your website. You don’t wish to lose this info. The hours it would acquire to restore your website would be overwhelming, to say the extremely least.

If you’re serious about setting up a WordPress blog, & have it expert-hosted, I would strongly suggest you consider Bluehost.

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